Why You Must Fill Those Cavities

Human teeth anatomy. Cross section of  human tooth. 3d illustrationNothing is more discouraging than doing everything right to protect your smile and still facing concerns such as minor stains, chips, or cracks. Indeed, accidents and mishaps can occur at any given time, and while our teeth are strong, they are not indestructible. In fact, factors such as dental decay and infection aim to significantly weaken your tooth’s natural strength and, inevitably, will lead to the loss of one or more structures without sufficient treatment. In today’s blog, your Cedar Rapids, IA dentist discusses the dangers and pitfalls that lead to tooth loss and how decay can be circumvented early with the help of dental fillings.

Decay as a Major Threat

You may be familiar with the threat of dental decay and how it affects your smile and your health. After all, it is the most common oral health concern out there and affects millions of individuals every year in some form or another. Whether you have endured the troubling pain of an infected root canal or needed a dental crown to protect your tooth as it heals, you are experiencing the progression of decay.

Unlike a headache or a stomach ache that will get better with time, decay makes no such promises. In fact, your situation will continue to worsen as time goes by. In its earliest stages, this phenomenon makes its presence known by causing a small hole to form in a structure known as a cavity. As the infection spreads, your inner tooth nerves and roots will become affected, resulting in some serious functional complications. Once past this stage, your last hope is likely extraction in order to preserve your health.

Preserving Your Natural Teeth

The last thing you want is to lose a natural structure, and your dentist also shares this sentiment. Since the situation becomes more and more complex as it spreads, it is best to address decay in its earliest stages.

To combat a cavity, your dentist will recommend a dental filling treatment. This process involves removing the infected portions and subsequently cleaning the affected area. Following this, we will then apply a composite resin material that is shaped into the open gap. Once contoured to satisfaction, the material is cured utilizing a special light, and you are on your way.

A Tooth-Colored Solution

Aside from function, one of the major benefits that arise with fillings involves their ability to be shade-matched to the hue of your grin. Indeed, our team can utilize special technology that allows us to provide a near seamless finish so that you will not have to worry about noticeable metal fillings. What’s more, you can enjoy your natural-looking grin in no time.

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