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A cavity is a hole in your tooth, and usually forms when tooth decay (an infection that develops from excessive plaque and bacteria) eat away your tooth’s structure. When left untreated, cavities continue to grow, eventually costing you the tooth if treatment is delayed long enough. Fortunately, most mild to moderate cavities can be treated by cleaning the tooth’s structure and filling the hole with a durable material. Once placed, a filling will restore your tooth by replacing the structure it lost, reducing your risk of suffering further tooth damage.

What Are Tooth Fillings Made Of?

  • Metal amalgam is one of the most common filling materials, and has been for over a century. Made from a mixture of trace metals, such as silver, tin, and mercury, amalgam is strong and often reserved for back molars that are exposed to the most bite pressure.
  • Because metal can be obvious when placed inside of a cavity, many patients prefer composite resin fillings, which consist of a tooth-colored mixture of acrylic and quartz particles. Resin conforms to the shape of your cavity more effectively than metal, and can be tinted to match your tooth’s color and shade for a more discreet finish.
  • Like composite resin, ceramic fillings are also designed to blend in with your tooth, but possess a more lifelike ability to reflect light, and therefore offer the most cosmetically-pleasing solution to treating cavities.

Find the Right Filling for Your Cavity

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