Why Dental Implants Matter in Your Smile’s Restoration

When it comes to restoring or replacing your natural tooth structure, several different factors have equal importance in the success of your smile’s restoration. That’s especially true when it comes to addressing tooth loss, which involves replacing more than just what you’re able to see of your tooth. Today, we examine the true implications of tooth loss, and why dental implants matter a great deal in helping many patients recover from it and preserve the rest of their healthy smiles.

What they’re made to replace

The basic reason why dental implants matter to your smile when replacing lost teeth is because they’re the only way to replace the part of your tooth that you can’t see – its root. Healthy, natural teeth roots are most notable for supporting your teeth’s crowns when you bite and chew. They anchor them in place to successfully absorb the pressure and friction of your biting and chew, making up much of your teeth’s incredible strength and durability. Yet, your teeth roots are also intricately connected to your jawbone structure, which also suffers the consequences of losing one or more of them.

Why your smile needs them

Your natural teeth need roots for optimal support, and therefore, your restoration can benefit from the same support with the help of dental implants. However, your smile also needs your natural teeth roots, and when they’re lost, your other oral structures can benefit greatly from replacing them with dental implants. For example, because your healthy teeth roots rest within your jawbone, they’re the source of stimulation that your jawbone requires to stay strong and healthy. After tooth loss, many people can experience heightened risks of losing more due to the diminishing strength of their jawbone with one or more teeth roots missing.

How they impact your restoration

The ability to reestablish stimulation in your jawbone structure when you bite and chew is one of the aspects of dental implants that matter most to your long-term smile and oral health. The loss of stimulation in your jawbone can cause it grow smaller over time, and with conventional restorations, this impact can cause your bridge or denture to lose its grip over time. However, by supplying your smile’s foundation with the stimulation it needs, as well as anchoring your dental restoration with optimal stability, implants can help your restoration look, feel, and function more realistically.

Learn if dental implants are right for you

Losing one or more teeth matters a lot to your smile, and replacing them with dental implants can play a big role in preserving it. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108.

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