What Hesitations Do You Have About Dental Implants?

Tooth loss can cause insecurity, pain, and long-term oral health issues. Tooth loss isn’t something you should put on the back burner. If you are missing teeth, you should replace them with a dental prosthetic. Dental implants are the most comprehensive solution for tooth loss because they replicate the root structure of natural teeth. Dental implants are strong, durable, and beneficial for your jawbone, yet, some patients still have hesitations about the treatment. If you are skeptical about dental implants, this blog will address some common concerns.

I’m Not Sure About a Surgical Procedure

Dental implants require surgery, whereas other dental prosthetic options do not. To recreate the root structure of natural teeth, your implants need to be inserted into your jawbone. That means the use of anesthesia. If you are nervous about that type of procedure or process, then talk to your dentist. Your dentist has a number of sedative options that they can use to relieve dental anxiety before a significant procedure. While dental implant placement is a surgical procedure, it doesn’t involve the same invasiveness as surgeries performed in other areas of the body.

I’m Worried Dental Implants Are Out of My Price Range

Another big factor that inhibits patients from choosing dental implants is the price. Dental implants are the most expensive dental prosthetic option, and they may be out of the price range of some patients. However, before you assume you can’t afford them, you may want to talk to your dentist about financing options. Dental implants are built to last and prevent future oral health problems, so investing in implants now may save you money on replacing other prosthetic options in the long run.

Do Dental Implants Make That Much Difference?

When you consider the cost and the need for surgery, it may lead you to ask, “Do dental implants make that much of a difference?” Is this treatment really worthwhile? Dental implants give you bite power that is on-par-with or superior-to that of natural teeth. Dental bridges and dentures simply can’t provide that level of stability. Dental implants also fortify your jawbone by providing stimulation when you chew. This can keep your jawbone from deteriorating and hold your other teeth in place.

Learn About Dental Implant Surgery at Cedar Dental

Before moving forward with any major procedure, it’s always a good idea to ask questions. You want to feel good about your decision, and our team at Cedar Dental is ready to help. Set up a consultation and talk through your concerns and questions with our knowledgeable staff. We want your dental implant experience to be comfortable and positive. Schedule your initial consultation by contacting Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA at 319-364-7108.

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