Dental Implants Can Support Dentures

If you have extensive tooth loss throughout your mouth, individual dental implants may not be a viable option for recovery. While dental implants are sturdy and stable, your jaw can typically only support so many implants, and the cost of this treatment can get high. Dentures are a more common option for replacing many of the teeth on a dental ridge. The drawback with dentures is typically that they are less stable, come with messy adhesive, and don’t provide the same bite power as your natural teeth. Dental implants can actually be used in conjunction with dentures to create a more stable prosthetic.

Dental Implants Are Used as a Support Structure for Dentures

Dental implants are so effective as dental prosthetics because they are surgically placed in your jawbone. This fortifies your jawbone and replicates the root structure that your natural teeth had. The titanium posts used as dental implants are typically topped with a dental crown to give you a natural appearance and chewing surface. However, your dentist can mount your dentures to the implants, rather than adding a crown. The dentures will sit comfortably on top of the implants, and you’ll experience better stability.

Supportive Implants Reduce the Amount of Slippage You Experience with Dentures

Dental implants give you the freedom to chew food without worry. That’s because the root structure of the implant holds your tooth in place, even as it bares the pressure of your bite. The same is true when your implants support your dentures. Rather than relying on the strength of adhesive alone, you have dental implants supporting the prosthetic dental ridge. This gives you confidence in your bite, and makes your overall experience more comfortable. Using multiple implants on each dental ridge gives your denture complete support.

Implants Improve the Viability of Dental Prosthetics

Your comfort is important when you choose a dental prosthetic, but so is the longevity of the prosthetic. You don’t want to have to continue addressing tooth loss. The stability of implant-supported dentures makes it easier to chew food, but that stability also increases the durability of your dental prosthetic. Reducing wear on your prosthetic and increasing your comfort level are two huge advantages to implant-supported dentures.

Talk to Your Dentist About Implant-Supported Dentures

Tooth loss isn’t an ideal experience to have, but it doesn’t have to create a permanent problem for you and your oral health. You can effectively replace your missing teeth with a comfortable, functional prosthetic. Talk to your dentist about implant-supported denture options. Don’t let tooth loss hold you back. At Cedar Dental, you’ll receive compassionate care in a welcoming environment. Schedule your prosthetic dentistry consultation at Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA by calling 319-364-7108.

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