Dental Implants Adapt to Your Oral Anatomy

Tooth loss can be a very discouraging experience. When you lose one or more of your natural teeth, you may feel self conscious, but you also may feel defeated. If you are dealing with tooth loss, you should know that the negative experience doesn’t have to last. There are dental prosthetic options that allow you to recover from tooth loss and enjoy a healthy smile again. Dental implants are strong and secure. These prosthetics will actually adapt to your oral anatomy and become part of the structure of your jaw. It’s time to move past your tooth loss.

Dental Implants Are Surgically Placed in Your Jaw Bone

What makes dental implants different from other dental prosthetic options is that implants are surgically implanted. They are fixed to your jaw bone. The titanium posts used as implants are biocompatible, and they will fuse to your jaw after healing from surgery. This gives implants unparalleled strength that matches what you would experience with your natural teeth. You don’t have to settle after tooth loss. You can recover in a way that allows you to enjoy the same foods that you did when you had all of your teeth.

Dental Crowns Allow Dental Implants to Blend in With Your Smile

After surgery, your jaw bone will need time to heal. Once it has healed with the dental implant in place, your dentist can place a dental crown on top of the implant. The dental crown is made to match the appearance of the surrounding teeth. That means that it will be a similar shade as the other teeth, and it will fit comfortably alongside them. Dental crowns give you a functional chewing surface that works in conjunction with the tooth above or below it. Implants will fit in both biologically and in terms of appearance.

Secure Your Long-Term Oral Health with a Dental Implant

Since dental implants adapt to your oral anatomy, they also hold your other teeth in place. Your jaw and teeth are kind of like a puzzle — they all fit together the way they should. When a tooth is missing, the other teeth may shift over time to fill in the gap. This can create an irregular bite that increases the amount of wear your teeth experience. By choosing a dental implant, you help secure the health of your teeth for the future.

Explore Dental Implant Treatment at Cedar Dental

Recovering from tooth loss repairs your smile and secures the long-term health of your teeth. Dental implants provide the most comprehensive form of prosthetic recovery. You can explore options for this treatment at Cedar Dental. Our staff will evaluate your specific situation to make sure implants are the right call for you. Schedule a consultation at Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA by contacting the office at 319-364-7108.

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