What It Means to Benefit from Dental Implants

Benefiting from dental implants can mean a variety of different things. For example, if you’ve recently lost teeth and dental implants are the first restoration you receive, then you can benefit from preserving your smile and preventing many of the consequences of losing your teeth roots. If you’ve worn a conventional bridge or denture for years already, then you might benefit from improving your restoration’s comfort, performance, and ability to preserve the rest of your smile. In most cases, the main benefits of dental implants stem from the fact that they can replace your lost teeth roots, thereby reestablishing the many different functions they’re responsible for.

The comfort and stability of your restoration

One of the reasons why your teeth roots matter so much is because they stabilize your teeth whenever you bite and chew. Your jaw and bite structures generate an enormous amount of force when you bite and chew, and teeth roots anchor your teeth in place to successfully withstand that pressure. Because traditional dental bridges and dentures don’t replace this part of the tooth, they don’t enjoy the same level of stability. However, with one or more dental implants, your restoration can absorb nearly as much pressure as your healthy teeth, improving its long-term comfort and stability.

Improving the overall function of your restoration

Your replacement tooth or teeth can only function as well as their support system allows, which is why many conventional bridges and dentures can end up losing their grip and shifting over time. This can diminish the restoration’s ability to restore your bite’s function, and impact several aspects of your oral health and quality of life. Securing your restoration to one or more root-like dental implant posts can improve its long-term function by giving it more lifelike support.

Preserving the rest of your oral structures

Your teeth roots are important to more than just your teeth. In addition to allowing your teeth to absorb your bite’s pressure, dental implants also reestablish the connection between your teeth and your jawbone structure. Through this connection, your teeth roots stimulate your jawbone whenever you bite and chew. While conventional restorations cannot address this loss, dental implants can mimic the functions of your lost teeth and do more to preserve your oral structures. For example, restoring this stimulation helps prevent the loss of mass and density in your jawbone that can often occur after losing one or more teeth roots.

Learn how you can benefit from dental implants

Dental implants can provide many different benefits, including to your restoration’s function as well as your long-term oral health. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108.

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