The Versatility of Dental Resin

Your teeth are strong, but they can still sustain damage over time. Issues like cavities cause you to lose tooth mass and structure. You teeth may also naturally be different sizes, which can cause your smile to look disproportionate. To fix issues that affect the volume and shape of your teeth, your dentist can use dental resin. This tooth-colored compound is incredibly strong and versatile. If your dental enamel needs a little help to look its best, dental resin can often do the job. Here’s how this powerful tool can reshape your smile and the structure of your teeth.

Dental Resin Is Used in Tooth Fillings

The traditional method for making a tooth filling involved using metal amalgam. Metal amalgam is incredibly strong and durable, but it’s not exactly discreet. Metal fillings tend to stand out in a person’s smile. Dental resin is typically tooth-colored or translucent. That means that others won’t notice its presence on your teeth. Dental resin is also more malleable than metal amalgam, so it better fits the shape of your cavity to give you a more comfortable fit after placement. Dental resin has vastly improved the dental filling experience for patients.

Dental Resin Can Be Used for Tooth Bonding

Using dental resin as a replacement for tooth enamel isn’t only a restorative practice. This technique can also be applied to cosmetic cases. Everyone’s teeth are different, and they rarely grow in as a perfect, uniform set. You may have teeth that are abnormally short or long. You may have a noticeable gap between two teeth. Surface grooves or jagged edges may give you problems as well. Your dentist can use dental resin to perform cosmetic tooth bonding. Using a small amount of resin, your dentist can add shape and volume to your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental Contouring Can Also Be Used to Shape Your Teeth

In addition to dental bonding, your dentist can also use a procedure called “dental contouring” to shape your smile. Contouring is just the opposite of dental bonding. Your dentist gently shapes your enamel to make your teeth more uniform or symmetrical in appearance. By subtly augmenting the surface enamel on your teeth, your dentist can greatly influence the shape, straightness, and proportions of your smile. These procedures are non-invasive and easy to complete in a single office visit.

Learn About Cosmetic and Restorative Applications of Dental Resin at Cedar Dental

Dental resin is a powerful tool that your dentist can use to repair damaged teeth or improve the esthetics of your smile. At Cedar Dental, we provide high-end cosmetic and restorative care for our patients in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Schedule an appointment at Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA by contacting our office at 319-364-7108.

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