The Gentle Cosmetic Effects of Contouring

Cosmetic dentistry can produce incredible results when it comes to improving your smile, but it doesn’t take an invasive procedure to do so. Many cosmetic treatments are gentle, and can be completed in a single office visit. Contouring is a cosmetic treatment that gently shapes your existing tooth enamel or gum tissue to help create a more visually appealing smile. No huge alterations to your teeth, and no huge time commitment — contouring keeps your needs in mind. If you’ve never explored options for contouring, it’s time to learn more about this cosmetic treatment.

Contouring Can Be Used on the Gums to Create an Even Smile

The appearance of your teeth plays a large role in how people perceive your smile, but it’s not the only factor. Your gums can also hamper your smile in some cases. Some individuals have an excess of gum tissue, and this can cover up portions of their teeth, making for an awkward smile. Gum contouring gently removes excess gum tissue to create a more even, beautiful smile. Creating cleaner, straighter lines around your teeth frames your smile to better show off your pearly whites.

Contouring Can Shape Teeth to Become Smoother and More Proportional

Contouring can also be used on your teeth to create a similar effect. All of your teeth might be naturally proportional, straight, and even. Even small degrees of wear over time can create surface grooves or jagged edges on some teeth. This can distract from your smile or even create some discomfort in your mouth. Contouring can smooth enamel to give a more pleasing appearance and eliminate sharp edges that may be poking your gums or cheeks. If you have a tooth that is proportionally much larger than your other teeth, this is another case where contouring may help.

Contouring Can Be Used with Dental Bonding to Create a Balanced Smile

Contouring is a process that shapes dental enamel, but your dentist can also do the opposite. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored resin to add volume and shape to teeth. Dental bonding can strengthen spots of weakened enamel, fix minor chips on teeth, and cover up some localized staining. The resin that your dentist uses will either be tooth-colored or translucent so the bonding will match the appearance of your other teeth. When paired together, light bonding and contouring can drastically improve the appearance of your smile.

Learn About the Gentle Effects of Contouring at Cedar Dental

If you’d like to see a cosmetic improvement in your smile, it might not take a huge laundry list of procedures. Gentle treatments like dental bonding and contouring can comfortably and conveniently shape your smile to create an ideal appearance. Learn more about the effects of contouring by contacting Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA by phone at 319-364-7108.

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