Time to Overcome Your Cavity

Your teeth are durable. Since you only have one set of adult teeth, they have to be! Despite all the wear and tear that your teeth are built to withstand, there are some conditions that will still break your teeth down in a hurry. One of those conditions is a cavity. Cavities form when a biofilm of plaque develops on the surface of your tooth. The bacteria in this biofilm continuously produce acid that wears down your enamel and leaves a hole in your tooth. This condition needs to be addressed right away to prevent further damage. It’s time to overcome your cavity with a filling.

Your Teeth Can Bounce Back with Restorative Dentistry

Even when your teeth suffer damage from a force like bacteria, they can overcome the hardship. Restorative dentistry treatments allow your teeth ro recover from the damage caused by plaque. A dental filling fills in the hole left behind by bacteria. Your dentist will remove the infection from your tooth, then choose a material to complete your filling. After you receive a dental filling, your tooth will once again look and feel great. None of this can happen until you seek treatment though.

Dental Fillings Can Be Made from a Variety of Materials

When choosing a dental filling to restore your cavity, you and your dentist have options. Metal alloys are the strongest material, and they’ll hold up well over time. However, metal is pretty noticeable, so for front-facing cavities, you may want a material that will blend in with the rest of your mouth. Dental resin is translucent, so it won’t stand out as much. Plus, it sets quickly and offers plenty of strength. A ceramic filling actually matches the color of your tooth, so it blends in perfectly with the appearance of the rest of your teeth. Your dentist can help you decide which material is best for your situation.

Cedar Dental Will Help You Overcome Cavities

A cavity doesn’t have to mean a life of coping for your tooth. Seeking the right restorative treatment allows your tooth to return to its best. Cedar Dental is ready to help you with your tooth filling. Our expert team will create a treatment plan that you can feel good about. To make your appointment for restorative care, contact Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA at 319-364-7108 today.

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