Lifelike Results With Restorative Dentistry

Dental treatment in the dental clinic. Rotten carious tooth close up macro. Treatment of endodontic canalsIt goes without saying that cosmetic dentistry is acclaimed for its ability to address noticeable blemishes in a manner that provides a near-seamless finish. After all, that is the primary goal. For other treatment, however such as dental crowns, root canals, and more, function is the top priority. That being said, does that mean you must sacrifice a seamless appearance for the sake of function? Not necessarily! In today’s blog, your Cedar Rapids, IA dentist will take a look at the ways restorative treatments such as cavity fillings can restore your smile’s function while also offering a lifelike appearance.

How Oral Bacteria Lead to Cavities

Whether you are aware of them or not, oral bacteria are present in everyone’s smile. With proper preventive care and management, they can be kept at bay and will not significantly impact your teeth. If your routine is not as detailed as you might expect, however, they can nestle and thrive, wreaking havoc on your teeth. Decay, for instance, is the product of harmful bacteria attacking one or more teeth and secreting acids that aid in their breakdown. When this process continues for a certain duration, a small hole begins to form in the softened or weakened area of a tooth known as a cavity. Without proper care, this cavity will continue to get larger and larger until it has compromised the structure in its entirety, spreading to more healthy teeth and repeating the process. To combat this concern, it is always better to act sooner rather than later.

Addressing Your Concern Early On

A cavity is often one of the earliest forms of decay, meaning that if you act with promptness and efficiency, your chances of preserving and restoring your tooth are high. To do so, your dentist will recommend a composite resin dental filling procedure, in which the decaying portions of the structure are carefully removed. After this, the area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no traces of bacteria remain, then filled with the material. Once the material has been placed to satisfaction, the malleable texture is then hardened with a special light, and you are on your way!

Keep in mind that time is truly of the essence when it comes to decay, and if you do not act appropriately, a filling restoration could fail and you may require a more extensive treatment such as a root canal. For more information about this process, contact our team.

The Benefits of Shade-Match Technology

While you may be concerned about the noticeability of your restoration, you can rest assured that our team will work with you to provide a lifelike appearance. We offer two solutions that can accomplish this task – a composite resin filling, or a ceramic one. For more information on either option, reach out to us today.

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