Addressing Minor Chips With Cosmetic Bonding

Dental Problem. Fractured and Chipped Teeth.Many individuals experience a form of dental anxiety when it comes to extensive treatment, major concerns, and more. Whether you are facing large concerns such as the effects of severe decay and tooth loss, or the more minor ones such as a small chip or crack in a tooth, it can become difficult to make the effort to come to the office to have the problem addressed. Fortunately, not every threat warrants extensive treatment, and many actually can be solved with simple procedures if you act in a timely manner. In today’s blog, your Cedar Rapids, IA dentist will discuss how cosmetic dentistry can provide a non-invasive and simple treatment to addressing minor chips and cracks.

Reestablishing Evenness

One of the major concerns that arises with physical injury to oral structures includes the level of severity. For instance, a dislodged tooth is going to cause a lot of damage and trauma, as it not only impacts the structure itself but the surrounding tissues such as the nerves. When this occurs, you will need restorative dentistry to help you repair the damage that has been caused to both the tooth and the function of your smile. If you receive a minor chip, however, only the structural portion is damaged and you endure little to no damage to your overall function. In other words, the only concern that arises is causing cosmetic unevenness. Fortunately, this problem can be easily addressed with a non-invasive treatment known as cosmetic bonding and contouring.

A Conservative Approach

One fear that many people experience is the notion that cosmetic dentistry requires extensive treatment and structural change to accomplish. Contrary to that belief, this form of dentistry is exactly as its name depicts – cosmetic! This means that treatment is applied to the surface to correct, requiring no invasive methods.

When you come into our office for your bonding and contouring procedure, your dentist will first examine your smile to assess the situation. From here, we will apply a composite resin material that can be shaped, or contoured, to fill any gap or open crevice so as to prevent a method of transportation for harmful oral bacteria to enter. We will also ensure to closely mimic the natural textures and appearance of your teeth. Once the material has been shaped to perfection, we will then stimulate it and cause it to harden, sending you on your way with a complete grin.

Customized Treatment

Arguably one of the better features of cosmetic dentistry is the ability to provide a solution that appears lifelike. In fact, the material utilized has the ability to be shade-matched to the exact color of your grin, providing a near-seamless finish. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

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