Root Canals and Your Oral Health

Most people recognize the term, root canal, and the fact that roots are important parts of their healthy tooth structure. However, root canals are most often recognized because of the potential problems that can be caused when they’re impacted by severe tooth decay. An internal infection, or decay, in your tooth’s structure can progress severely once it reaches the tissues inside of your tooth’s pup and root canal. Given the importance of your teeth roots to your oral health and the threat that can arise then the tissues inside of them become infected, root canal therapy can be an important step in restoring and preserving a tooth that’s severely decayed.

What does a tooth’s root do?

A root canal is the inner chamber of your tooth’s root, and it carries the tissues and blood vessels of the tooth from its pulp to your jawbone. The roots of your teeth serve several important functions in your oral health, and being the pathway that provides your tooth with essential minerals and nutrients is just one of them. Another is supporting your tooth as you bite and chew, allowing your tooth to effectively absorb the pressure of your bite and stimulate your jawbone structure. When the tissues within the root canal become compromised by decay, all of these functions can also be compromised, along with your tooth’s overall health and integrity.

How does a root canal become infected?

The infection of a root canal isn’t exactly common. In most cases of tooth decay, the infection in the tooth’s structure is more often treated while it’s still relatively minor. For example, a mild or moderate cavity can be cleaned and filled with biocompatible materials, such as tooth-colored composite resin, to fix the tooth and stop the decay from becoming more severe. However, tooth decay can sometimes become more severe before the cavity is treated, and the infection can reach the pulp chamber that’s at the center of your tooth’s main structure. If this occurs, the tissues that reside within the pulp and the tooth’s root canal can become infected.

What can root canal treatment accomplish?

Root canal treatment is a form of restorative treatment that’s meant to address severe cases of tooth decay, when a tooth filling isn’t enough to treat the tooth. The procedure involves carefully removing the infected tissues from within the tooth’s pulp and root canal, then sealing the inner chambers of your tooth with durable, biocompatible material. For additional support, your tooth might also benefit from having a custom-designed dental crown placed over it to protect it from further damage.

Learn more about preserving your root canals

The roots of your teeth and their inner canals are vital to your long-term oral health, which makes root canal treatment especially important if your tooth becomes internally infected. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108.

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