Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Root Canals

When you receive news that you have to do some extra work, it can be easy to slip into procrastination mode, especially if it means more hassle for you. Fear of needing extra treatment actually keeps a lot of people away from their biannual dentist appointments, but that only makes the problem worse. When you need extra treatment, like root canal therapy, you can’t afford to procrastinate. Putting off the care you need will result in further damage and a more costly fix.

If You Need a Root Canal, There’s Already a Major Problem

The need for root canal therapy is the product of extensive tooth decay. Bacteria have worked their way into the roots of your teeth. From these canals, the bacteria can spread to other tissues. Plus, the potential structural damage caused by plaque buildup in these areas could eventually cause you to lose the tooth. You’ve already got a problem, don’t make it worse by waiting.

Your Dentist Can Extract Bacteria from the Roots to Clean Up Your Tooth

When you undergo root canal therapy, your dentist creates a small hole from which he or she can access the roots of your tooth. Your dentist will then clean out the buildup of bacteria inside. A biocompatible, rubber-like material then fills in the hole left by the bacteria. Afterward, a dental crown can protect your damaged tooth if necessary.

Waiting Out Root Canal Therapy Can Lead to Tooth Loss

Compromised tooth roots are a danger to the rest of your body. Again, bacteria can spread through your root canals and infect other tissues. Further, weakened tooth roots mean weakened structural integrity for your tooth. If you don’t receive root canal therapy, you may ultimately have to have your tooth extracted.

Cedar Dental Can Help with Root Canal Therapy

If you’re apprehensive about seeking dental treatment, you need a partner that understands your concerns. Cedar Dental has a friendly staff and a welcoming environment that seeks to create a positive experience for patients. Talk to Cedar Dental staff about root canal therapy by calling the Cedar Rapids, IA office at 319-364-7108.

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