A Look at the Benefits of Professional Dental Examinations

When you think about your biannual trips to the dentist, the part of the visit that first comes to mind is probably the cleaning. A professional cleaning is a valuable part of a dental visit. It allows your hygienist to thoroughly remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and mouth. However, you can’t overlook the dental examination portion of your visit. This is the part of your checkup when your dentist takes a close look at your teeth to check for any developing problems or issues. The preventive work your dentist does during this time can save you time and money in the long run.

Professional Dental Examinations Save Patients Time

Your time is valuable, and that can make scheduling and attending regular dentist appointments difficult. If you have to take a long lunch or leave work early to make an appointment, it might be easier to just skip out. However, when you miss your professional dental examination, you miss out on the benefits of a cleaning and the preventive care that comes with your checkup. In a few months, a small amount of plaque buildup can become a cavity. That cavity, if left untreated, can eat away at the inside of your tooth. Then you’ll be looking at many more appointments and time spent in the dentist’s office.

Professional Dental Examinations Save Patients Money

Attending your biannual checkups also saves you money in the long run (something that is also incredibly valuable!). If you have a dental insurance plan, you will likely receive a complimentary checkup and cleaning every six months. This free, preventive appointment can help you circumvent problems like cavities, root canal infections, and gum disease. These issues take more time to treat, and the cost of treatment is higher too. By sticking to your biannual appointments, you can avoid these expenses.

Your Dentist Has Tools to Aid in the Examination Process

During your dental examination, your dentist will look closely at your teeth and use tools to check any surfaces in your mouth where plaque may be developing. Your dentist can also use tools like digital x-rays to get a better look at your mouth. Digital x-rays provide a complete image of your teeth, below and above the surface. Your dentist can check for misalignment issues, impacted wisdom teeth, and unseen cavities with the help of an x-ray. Any problem your dentist spots now will lead to a healthier future for your teeth.

Schedule Biannual Appointments at Cedar Dental

Cedar Dental welcomes patients of all ages for biannual dental examinations. These regular visits are so important, so don’t miss out on them! You can schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member by contacting Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA at 319-364-7108.

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