Using Cosmetic Dentistry to Fix Teeth Conservatively

Dental treatment comes in many different forms, and certain types of treatments are often designed to address specific types of concerns. For example, when teeth are cosmetically blemished, the right custom-designed cosmetic treatment can often address it with minimal changes to your tooth structure. However, there are some concerns that cause more than just cosmetic problems for your teeth, but that may be successfully treated with minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. The advantage is restoring your smile while also improving its overall appearance, and all while keeping the scope of your treatment minimal.

The main goals of cosmetic dental treatment

Cosmetic dental treatments are classified as such because they’re typically designed with the main goal of improving your smile’s appearance. For example, professional teeth-whitening can erase stubborn teeth stains without any changes to your tooth structure, and in a highly convenient manner. Other treatments, such as cosmetic tooth bonding and porcelain veneers, can address more substantial cosmetic concerns, such as minor damage to your tooth structure that impacts your smile’s overall appearance. The goal is to help your smile appear more naturally attractive, but in the process, it often involves repairing or restoring tooth structure that may have been compromised to some degree.

Fixing chips and cracks with cosmetic tooth bonding

Aside from stains on your teeth’s surfaces, minor chips and cracks on the edges or surfaces of your teeth can also be common cosmetic concerns. The problem is that such issues don’t just affect the appearance of your teeth. They can also diminish the tooth’s structural integrity, making it more likely to experience even more damage in the near future. When improving a chipped or cracked tooth, we often recommend cosmetic tooth bonding, which involves utilizing tooth-colored composite resin to restore the chipped or cracked part of the tooth. Bonding the durable, biocompatible resin to your tooth structure enables it to restore the tooth’s health and integrity as well as improve its size, shape, contour, and appearance.

Restoring more tooth structure with a lifelike porcelain veneer

Given the minimally invasive nature of the treatment, cosmetic tooth bonding can often be the optimal solution for addressing minor instances of damage to your tooth structure. However, for some concerns, the damage to your tooth structure may be more significant, and composite resin might not be sufficient to restore and improve the tooth. For teeth that exhibit more substantial structural concerns or cosmetic blemishes, we might suggest placing a custom-designed porcelain veneer over the tooth. Made from highly lifelike and customizable dental porcelain, a veneer is designed to mimic the healthy, blemish-free front surface of a tooth, and is bonded to the front of the tooth to instantly improve and restore its appearance and structure.

Learn if cosmetic treatment can fix your tooth conservatively

With the right cosmetic dental treatment, you may be able to fix your tooth more conservatively, and with highly lifelike results. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108.

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