Asking Questions About Teeth-Whitening

The bad news about some teeth stains is that you can’t always prevent them. Even if you consistently brush and floss your teeth and have them professionally cleaned, they can still develop stains from being exposed to food, beverages, and more. The good news, though, is that even when they do appear, most common teeth stains can be erased just as easily with custom-designed professional teeth-whitening. If your teeth are stained, then ask your dentist if a take-home teeth-whitening kit is right for you.

How does teeth-whitening actually work?

Teeth-whitening is a strong but safe topical solution that you can apply to the outer layer of your teeth (known as enamel). The solution is peroxide-based, which means it can gently and effectively break up the staining molecules that collect on your tooth enamel. It also brightens the main structure underneath the enamel to restore its healthy, youthful brilliance.

How long does it take to erase teeth stains?

Professional teeth-whitening consists of a set of custom-designed trays that are fashioned to fit comfortably over your teeth. Using the trays, you can apply the gel evenly over your teeth from the comfort of your home. Typically, treatment only lasts about two weeks, though you can resupply on whitening gel to touchup your smile in the future.

Can I keep my kit after my treatment?

Because your whitening kit will be designed just for you, the trays will continue to fit comfortably long after your initial whitening treatment. When stains appear in the future, you can simply get more solution from your dentist and reapply the treatment using the same trays.

Give Your Smile a Boost with Teeth-Whitening

If you’re teeth have lost some of their shine, then it may be time to ask your dentist about a customized, professional teeth-whitening kit. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108. We also welcome patients from Mount Vernon, Iowa City, Hiawatha, and all nearby communities.

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