How to Properly Deal with the Effects of Tooth Loss

For many people, tooth loss isn’t something that has to occur. With proper care and maintenance, along with proactive treatment to address developing concerns early, they have an excellent chance at preventing it. However, tooth loss isn’t always the result of a preventable condition, and even when it is, several other factors may complicate the issue before tooth loss can be prevented. Fortunately, you can successfully deal with tooth loss and its potential effects if it does occur, preserving your healthy smile and bite function.

Start with the specific cause of it

Once you experience tooth loss, the immediately noticeable consequences can seem more significant than the cause behind it. However, restoring your smile will first require addressing the specific cause of your tooth loss, especially if it’s the result of a chronic condition like gum disease. For example, gum disease causes tooth loss by eroding the tissues and bone structure that support your teeth roots. In areas where this erosion is significant enough, teeth can be lost because they no longer have sufficient natural support. After losing a tooth, this erosion will continue, and until it’s treated, it can cause increasingly more damage and raise your risks of losing more teeth.

Understand the complete impacts of the loss

Dealing with the cause of your tooth loss is an important step in mitigating any ongoing threats to your oral health resulting from the loss. However, there are many different consequences of tooth loss, many of which begin the moment the tooth is uprooted from its socket in your jawbone. One of the most significant of these consequences is the loss of stimulation in that area of your jawbone structure. Without a tooth and root to stimulate it when you bite and chew, the empty area of your jawbone will lose mass and density over time. This is also a substantial factor in the heightened risks of tooth that follow.

Replacing lost teeth and rebuilding your smile

When you understand the total impact of tooth loss on your immediate and long-term oral health, it becomes apparent how important it is to deal with the loss properly. In addition to restoring your underlying oral health and taking the effects of the loss into consideration, this also includes choosing the right restoration to rebuild your smile. To help preserve your long-term oral health and bite function, we may suggest a custom-designed restoration that’s supported on one or more dental implant posts, which mimic the way healthy teeth roots support your teeth and function in your jawbone.

Learn how to properly deal with tooth loss

Dealing with tooth loss properly may mean addressing several impacts of it, as well as replacing your lost teeth with a highly lifelike restoration. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, today at (319) 364-7108.

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