Does Your Smile Need Just a Touch Up?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to eliminate imperfections from the appearance of your teeth and give you a smile that inspires confidence. The idea of cosmetic dentistry can scare some patients off because they worry the procedures involved will be invasive or time-consuming. However, there are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that can be completed in just one office visit, or on your own schedule at home. Often times, your smile doesn’t need too much help to look its very best. You may just need a touch up.

Smile Touch Ups May Involve Small Alterations to Your Enamel

One of the easiest ways to touch up your smile is by altering your dental enamel very slightly. One of the methods your dentist may choose to do this is with a treatment called “contouring.” Contouring, as you may imagine, is the gentle shaping of your dental enamel to achieve an ideal appearance. Maybe one of your teeth has an awkward, jagged edge. Perhaps one tooth is noticeably larger than the others. These types of imperfections are completely natural, and by shaping your enamel with contouring your dentist can give you a more symmetrical smile.

The Other Piece of the Equation Is Dental Bonding

Contouring shapes the dental enamel that you already have. Dental bonding can be thought of as the opposite process. Using a strong dental resin, your dentist can add volume to your enamel to achieve the same effect as contouring. This procedure is ideal for teeth that have unsightly grooves in them, or excessive spaces between them. By using both dental bonding and contouring together, your dentist can touch up your smile to give you the idyllic appearance that you’re after. This can almost always be completed in just one office visit.

You’ll Be Surprised What a Difference a Smile Touch Up Can Make

If you’ve never considered cosmetic dentistry because of the perceived cost or hassle, you should know that bonding and contouring are simple, efficient treatments for your smile! A small touch up to certain teeth can make a huge difference in the overall composition of your smile. It usually doesn’t take surgery or any kind of massive overhaul to correct your smile. Processes like bonding and contouring give your dentist precise control, and allow him or her to work with your particular situation.

Choose Bonding and Contouring at Cedar Dental

Finding the right cosmetic treatment starts with your dentist. Dr. Anderson at Cedar Dental takes the time to get to know patients. That means that when you decide you want to explore cosmetic dentistry options, Dr. Anderson will be able to make recommendations based that fit you as an individual. Schedule a cosmetic consultation at Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA by calling the office at 319-364-7108.

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