What Therapy for Your Root Canal Means

The condition that root canal therapy is meant to treat, known as tooth decay, is the most common chronic dental concern for patients of all ages. However, root canal therapy isn’t that frequently recommended, and for good reason. Tooth decay is progressive, and in most cases, it’s treated before it has a chance to infect your tooth’s root canals. However, if it does, then personalized therapy for the root canal could be necessary to stop the infection and reduce your risk of further complications with your oral health. (more…)

What Makes a Filling Tooth-Colored?

What makes a tooth filling necessary is the development of a cavity, which is one of the most frequent problems people can face with their teeth and oral health. When the problem is detected and treated early, a filling can effectively stop it from getting more severe and restore your tooth’s good health. However, modern tooth fillings are often more advanced than their predecessors, which is mainly due to the more biocompatible materials that they’re often made from. Today, we take a look at what makes a filling tooth-colored, and why its more natural appearance is only part of the overall benefits that it can provide your oral health. (more…)

Do These Symptoms Mean You Have TMJ Disorder?

The name, TMJ disorder, hints at the fact that the disorder mainly affects your jaw health and bite function. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and when the disorder that’s named after it affects the two joints that control your jaw’s movement when your bite functions. However, that can sometimes be the only hint at what, exactly, TMJ disorder means for your oral health. Because of the dominance of your TMJs and the nerves that control them, TMJ disorder can manifest in multiple different symptoms that might not immediately be obvious as a jaw problem. (more…)

What a Bruxism Habit Can Really Do to Your Teeth

If you develop any concern with your oral health, the most important piece of advice you can receive about dealing with it is to do so as soon as possible. Most concerns are progressive in nature, and the longer it takes to address the problem, the more significantly it can impact the state of your oral health. With bruxism, that advice is especially important. While issues like decay in your tooth structure or the formation of gingivitis can grow progressively worse on their own, bruxism involves direct harm and damage to your natural tooth structure. This damage will become worse over time, and what bruxism does to your teeth could lead to more substantial long-term complications. (more…)

Making Your Child’s Teeth Less Susceptible to Cavities

Protecting your child’s smile can mean many things. For example, teaching them to stick to good dental hygiene principles will help protect them from heightened risks of common dental concerns. Visiting the dentist regularly is important to protecting their teeth and smiles from things that might not be obvious at first. If your child’s teeth become especially vulnerable or susceptible to something like cavity development, then protecting their smile can mean receiving a conservative preventive dental treatment to strengthen their teeth and reduce that risk. (more…)

3 Reasons To Keep Scheduling Dental Checkups

holding up 3 fingersHopefully, you feel confident that the steps you take every day to prevent cavities and gum disease will keep your smile safe. The right approach to good oral hygiene has lasting benefits, but remember that even with a smart routine in place, regular dental exams are beneficial. At our Cedar Rapids, IA dentist’s office, our patients can look forward to dedicated preventive dental care whenever they see us. The visits you schedule help you stay protected by dealing with tartar, identifying early signs of trouble, and warning you about issues like gingivitis. In addition to these common concerns, our practice is also prepared to discuss problems like chronic jaw pain and teeth grinding. (more…)

Using Cosmetic Dentistry to Fix Teeth Conservatively

Dental treatment comes in many different forms, and certain types of treatments are often designed to address specific types of concerns. For example, when teeth are cosmetically blemished, the right custom-designed cosmetic treatment can often address it with minimal changes to your tooth structure. However, there are some concerns that cause more than just cosmetic problems for your teeth, but that may be successfully treated with minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. The advantage is restoring your smile while also improving its overall appearance, and all while keeping the scope of your treatment minimal. (more…)

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