Dentures Are More Versatile Than You Realize

Most people think of dentures in a cartoonish sense. They’re a big stack of teeth that you pop in and out of your mouth. While dentures do provide teeth replacement for extensive tooth loss, they aren’t just a one-dimensional prosthetic. Dentures can actually help address all levels of severe tooth loss. Thanks to their affordability, relative to other tooth replacement options, they make recovery from extensive tooth loss a possibility for many people. Working with your dentist, you can even take measures to strengthen the dentures, giving them more stability and bite power. (more…)

Are Your Teeth Ready to Be Whitened?

This question has a number of considerations that you need to make. You may think, “Why, yes, my teeth are ready to be whitened! I wish they were significantly whiter!” The staining that your teeth sustain from lifestyle habits is completely normal. Professional-quality teeth whitening can bleach the staining and give you a whiter smile. However, your willingness to whiten isn’t the only consideration that you need to make. Your teeth also need to be healthy enough for whitening. So how can you know if your teeth are ready to be whitened? We’re here to help. (more…)

Want A Long-Term Tooth Loss Fix? Implants Are The Answer

The first thing on your mind after suffering tooth loss is probably, “How can I make this all go away?” Tooth loss causes physical pain, but it can also be emotionally taxing as well. Knowing that you’re missing teeth may cause you to smile less. You may become self conscious. You will wish you could just return to the way things were. Well, modern dental solutions make it possible to recover from tooth loss. However, choosing the right solution will ensure that your recovery from tooth loss stand the test of time. (more…)

The Many Applications Of A Dental Crown

If you’ve never dealt with severe tooth damage or decay, you might not be familiar with a dental crown. This versatile tool can be used to strengthen, protect, and recreate a damaged tooth. Dental crowns’ many applications make them valuable restorative options for dentists. If you ever find yourself suffering a significant chip or crack, or you have a severe cavity, you may need a dental crown. In that case, it’s important to know how these tools work and why your dentist is prescribing one. (more…)

Choose Dental Sealants for Your Child’s Teeth

You want to provide the best possible care for your child, and when it comes to their health, preventive care is the way to go. Preventive treatment involves a proactive approach to care. That means you stay ahead of problems before they develop. When it comes to preventive dentistry, your dentist has many tools at his or her disposal to help keep your child’s teeth safe. X-rays, fluoride treatment, and cleanings prevent cavities from developing. You may even want to consider dental sealants. These non-invasive inserts help keep bacteria off of the chewing surfaces on your child’s back teeth. (more…)

We Answer Your Tooth Filling Questions

Most people try to keep their distance from dental procedures. You don’t want to deal with them, so you don’t want to know about them. However, it’s important to understand what your dentist recommends and why. If you develop a cavity — which almost everyone does and will at some point in their life — you need a filling. What exactly is a filling? It’s better to know what you’re getting into than to try to ignore the situation altogether. That’s why we’re answering your tooth filling questions on the blog today. (more…)

Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Root Canals

When you receive news that you have to do some extra work, it can be easy to slip into procrastination mode, especially if it means more hassle for you. Fear of needing extra treatment actually keeps a lot of people away from their biannual dentist appointments, but that only makes the problem worse. When you need extra treatment, like root canal therapy, you can’t afford to procrastinate. Putting off the care you need will result in further damage and a more costly fix. (more…)

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