It’s Easy to Feel Unsatisfied with Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Everyone wants to feel confident in their teeth when they show them off to the world, and often times, a little whitening would go a long way. Teeth staining is totally natural. It happens over time because of the foods, drinks, and lifestyle habits we adopt. Teeth whitening is a simple solution to help you get rid of these stains, and over-the-counter products have made it easy to find teeth whitening for yourself. However, these products also make it easy to feel unsatisfied with your whitening experience. Working with your dentist, you can find teeth whitening that gives you better results. (more…)

Dental Implants Tackle Simple and Complex Tooth Loss

There’s no version of adult tooth loss that comes without struggle and anguish. It can be a truly traumatic experience. What you need most when you’ve suffered from tooth loss is a plan of action. Modern dental prosthetics allow you to regain the function and appearance of your original tooth or teeth. This helps you get back to normal after an upsetting event. Whether you’ve suffered from simple tooth loss (losing a single tooth) or complex tooth loss (extensive tooth loss in one or more areas of your mouth), dental implants provide stabilizing, long-term solutions for you. (more…)

Why Function and Esthetic Matter for a Dental Crown

Often function and esthetic are presented as competing forces. If you choose function, you’re compromising on some piece of appearance. If you go all style, you end up with no substance. However, that’s not always the case. At times, function and esthetic go hand-in-hand. The quality of the appearance can actually benefit the function and vice-versa. That’s the thought process behind dental crowns. Crowns are considered a restorative treatment — used to recover from and protect against serious damage to the tooth. However, you also want your dental crown to look like the original tooth. (more…)

Choosing Dental Sealants for Your Child

Caring for the health and wellbeing of your child is a full-time job, so when you find ways to make that job easier, you get excited. When it comes to the oral health of your child, regular dental visits are an important part of establishing a care routine and keeping your child on track. When your child needs a little extra help caring for his or her teeth, dental sealants can be a huge asset. Children’s dentistry is all about accounting for the present, as well as the future. It’s time to learn how choosing dental sealants for your child can make a big difference. (more…)

Time to Overcome Your Cavity

Your teeth are durable. Since you only have one set of adult teeth, they have to be! Despite all the wear and tear that your teeth are built to withstand, there are some conditions that will still break your teeth down in a hurry. One of those conditions is a cavity. Cavities form when a biofilm of plaque develops on the surface of your tooth. The bacteria in this biofilm continuously produce acid that wears down your enamel and leaves a hole in your tooth. This condition needs to be addressed right away to prevent further damage. It’s time to overcome your cavity with a filling. (more…)

Extreme Tooth Infection Requires Serious Care

Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth, and they can aid in digestion and the breakdown of food. However, they can also form harmful biofilms on the surfaces of your teeth — aka, plaque. When you fail to thoroughly clean your teeth, the bacteria will produce acid that wears away at your enamel and causes infection. When this infection spreads deep into the tooth, it can affect the root canals of the teeth. These interior passageways lead from the tooth to other tissues in the mouth. When these areas become infected, you need serious care to counteract the problem. (more…)

Save Money With Preventive Dental Care

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to save yourself time and money when it comes to almost anything. Your car, house, even your oral health, can all be better preserved with preventive care. The cost of preventive care is almost always a tiny fraction of what a big overhaul can cost, and this is especially true in the world of dentistry. If you have dental insurance, you probably receive two free cleanings and examinations per year. It would be silly to waste those benefits when they could save you time and money in the long run. (more…)

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