Prosthetic Replacement Teeth May Be an Option

The gaps left behind by tooth loss can create a smile that causes you to feel self conscious. They can also create some long-term health concerns for your remaining teeth and gums. If you have suffered tooth loss on an individual basis, or you’re now missing many of the teeth in your mouth, you should explore your options for prosthetic replacements. Replacing your missing teeth can not only boost your confidence, but it can also prevent future oral health issues that would require further treatment to remedy. Here are some of your prosthetic tooth replacement options. (more…)

The Versatility of Dental Resin

Your teeth are strong, but they can still sustain damage over time. Issues like cavities cause you to lose tooth mass and structure. You teeth may also naturally be different sizes, which can cause your smile to look disproportionate. To fix issues that affect the volume and shape of your teeth, your dentist can use dental resin. This tooth-colored compound is incredibly strong and versatile. If your dental enamel needs a little help to look its best, dental resin can often do the job. Here’s how this powerful tool can reshape your smile and the structure of your teeth. (more…)

What Kind of Environment Does Your Dentist Create?

Quality dental care consists of attentive, individualized treatment using contemporary technology. You want your dentist to provide expertise and knowledge, but the environment in which you receive your dental care also matters. Cold, sterile environments can feel intimidating and unwelcoming. This can create angst for dental patients that makes them less likely to return. That’s especially damaging for younger patients, who can develop a long-term phobia of the dentist after bad experiences as a child. So, what kind of environment does your dentist create? (more…)

Protection for Your Child’s Vulnerable Teeth

Learning how to care for your personal hygiene takes time. What age were you when you remembered to thoroughly clean and care for yourself? You may even still forget, because life gets busy. Your children are learning personal hygiene practices all the time. Daily routines, like teeth brushing, take time to learn, especially as your child’s motor skills are developing. During this time, you can help your child learn proper technique, and protect their vulnerable teeth with pediatric dental care. Working alongside your dentist can give your child a bright oral health future. (more…)

How to Address Common Tooth Stains

The appearance of your teeth can have an impact on your psychological state. Everyone feels more confident when they love their smile. If you believe in your smile, you’ll be more likely to show it off in social settings. If your teeth have faded or yellowed over time, this may cause you to feel self conscious. Are you stuck with off-color teeth for the rest of your life? No, your dentist can help you address common tooth stains with teeth whitening treatment. This type of cosmetic procedure can erase the stains that your teeth naturally pick up over time and restore your beautiful smile. (more…)

Check Up on Your Oral Health

Regular dental appointments are vital to securing the future health of your teeth and gums. Visiting for a checkup and cleaning every six months can prevent gingivitis, cavity formation, and other structural issues with your teeth. Just because you’ve had healthy teeth in the past, doesn’t mean you can forget about these appointments. The health of your gums and teeth can change over time, and certain lifestyle habits that you adopt may influence the status of your health. Make sure that you’re attending a checkup and cleaning for your teeth every six months. (more…)

Why You Can’t Diagnose Your Tooth Pain

Some oral health conditions become obvious. When you have a noticeable cavity on the surface of your tooth, you may see a dark spot. When gums become red and swollen, it may be a sign of gum disease. However, not every oral health condition is something you can diagnose on your own. That’s because some conditions happen inside your teeth, and some conditions affect you when you aren’t even awake to realize it. If you wake up in the morning with unexplained tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, or headaches, you may be suffering from a condition called “bruxism.” You don’t have to self diagnose this condition, you can work with your dentist. (more…)

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