Can Chewing Gum Protect Your Teeth Against Cavities?

Can Chewing Gum Protect Your Teeth Against Cavities?If you want to protect your smile, then daily dental hygiene is incredibly important. This should include both brushing and flossing, of course. That said, what you eat can impact your oral health, as well. Too much sugar, for instance, can greatly increase your risk of developing cavities. But did you know that for many people, chewing gum can also be a simple way to protect the smile? That’s right, chewing gum could actually help you in your fight against dental cavities! Dental checkups and cleanings are essential, of course. Yet chewing gum could actually help. (more…)

Enjoy Great Oral Health with These Simple Tips

Enjoy Great Oral Health with These Simple TipsDo you sometimes find yourself wishing your smile looked or felt better? While you might be tempted to blame your genetics or other factors outside of your control for poor oral health, in many cases dental problems and discomfort are largely preventable. You simply need to combine healthy choices at-home with regular preventive dental checkups and cleanings, to help keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape! (more…)

Which Is Best, a Metal or Tooth-colored Filling?

Can You Care for Your Smile?If you have ever been diagnosed with a dental cavity, before, then you likely already know that a filling could well be in order. Teeth are incredibly strong; the enamel is actually the strongest substance in the body. Unfortunately, the teeth are not able to repair themselves the way other parts of the body often can. This means that if you are diagnosed with a cavity or another dental issue, restorative treatment will likely be necessary. Dental fillings, specifically, are generally advised for addressing cavities. (more…)

Ready to Enjoy Meals? Time to Consider a Dental Implant

Ready to Enjoy Meals? Time to Consider a Dental ImplantDealing with an incomplete smile can be incredibly uncomfortable, embarrassing and even frustrating at times. After all, it is hard to smile confidently or chew competently when one is struggling with missing teeth. Fortunately, dentures are not the only prosthetic option available. There are a number of ways one’s smile can be completed both securely and beautifully. If you don’t want to continue merely coping with tooth loss, and instead want to do something to really rebound from it, it’s time to talk to your dentist bout how a dental implant could provide you with a wonderful smile solution! (more…)

Eat, Drink and Enjoy Great Oral Health!

Eat, Drink and Enjoy Great Oral Health!Do you care about the health of your smile? If so, you may have already committed to brushing and flossing your teeth each day, to help keep unsightly and acidic tartar buildup at bay. That said, have you considered the role your diet also plays in your dental health? Eating a diet that is low in sugar, and high in water and vitamins and minerals, can help to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental issues. Just make sure you combine these healthy choices with regular professional preventive care, and daily hygiene, to best protect both your teeth and your gums! (more…)

Are You In Need of a Modern Dental Restoration?

Are You In Need of a Modern Dental Restoration?Have you spent several months suffering from sensitivity when you try to enjoy your meals? In fact, have you given up your daily cup of coffee, altogether, because the discomfort it now causes when you try to drink it? If so, stop avoiding dental pain, and talk to your dentist about how a modern dental restoration could help to restore your comfort and protect your smile. Modern restorations, like dental fillings and crowns are designed to help protect teeth made fragile by decay, trauma or other problems. Perhaps most importantly, they can be made to look natural, so you can smile confidently even after your restoration has been placed. (more…)

3 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Reinvent Your Smile

Taking good care of your teeth and gums with good hygiene and regular preventive care can help keep your smile healthy and free of disease. However, there may be instances in which noticeable teeth stains, worn or damaged tooth structure, or mild misalignment can still affect your smile’s overall appearance.  With one or more custom-designed porcelain veneers, your dentist may be able to help you overcome multiple cosmetic concerns without the need to undergo several different treatments. Their versatility and lifelike appearance often make porcelain veneers the best cosmetic option for transforming your smile. (more…)

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