Things that Untreated Bruxism Can Lead To

When you ignore most dental health issues, they tend to get worse the longer they remain unchecked. For instance, a minor cavity can grow into a much more severe case of internal tooth infection if it’s given enough time. The same is true with a subconscious teeth-grinding habit, a condition often referred to as bruxism, and the damage that it could potentially cause to all of your teeth. The constant teeth-grinding that’s characteristic of bruxism can put your teeth under an immense amount of pressure and friction. If it remains untreated long enough, your bruxism could cause several more severe problems with your teeth and oral health. (more…)

Why Dental Implants Matter in Your Smile’s Restoration

When it comes to restoring or replacing your natural tooth structure, several different factors have equal importance in the success of your smile’s restoration. That’s especially true when it comes to addressing tooth loss, which involves replacing more than just what you’re able to see of your tooth. Today, we examine the true implications of tooth loss, and why dental implants matter a great deal in helping many patients recover from it and preserve the rest of their healthy smiles. (more…)

Is Tooth Extraction All Your Smile Needs?

In some cases, the severity of your oral health concerns can be more complex than you realize. For example, you might expect that a decaying or damaged tooth can be saved even if you wait a while to address it. However, the state of the tooth and your surrounding oral tissues could be more compromised than you realize, and by the time you seek treatment, the only viable solution may be to extract the tooth structure that remains. However, depending on the tooth being extracted, its removal may only part of the overall process required to address your concern and fully restore your smile’s health, appearance, and function. (more…)

Things You Can Do with a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are effective as tooth restorations for several different reasons. Being designed to replicate the size, shape, and contour of your tooth means the crown can successfully restore the tooth’s entire visible structure in a highly conservative manner. However, the specific ways a custom dental crown can fix your tooth, and the other advantages that come with the use of advanced dental materials, can make the modern restorations even more beneficial. Today, we examine a few of the things a custom dental crown can do for your tooth, both immediately and for the tooth’s long-term health. (more…)

What Can You Expect from Root Canal Treatment?

If you’ve never undergone root canal treatment before, you may not know exactly what to expect. This might make you nervous, or even hesitant, to treat your tooth, which could potentially lead to even more trouble for your tooth. The good news is that root canal treatment isn’t the ordeal that many people expect it to be. Also, after having the infection within your tooth successfully removed, you can expect a number of different benefits. (more…)

Why Filling a Cavity Saves the Tooth

Cavities are common, and most adults have or will experience one at some point in their lives. The common nature of their development is one reason why cavities are such a problem. Yet, the fact that they can often be treated conservatively in their earlier stages makes them seem like much less of one. The good news for people who develop a cavity is that, when addressed early, the tooth can often be saved. Today, we take a loot at how filling a cavity saves your tooth, and why you shouldn’t wait to receive one. (more…)

When TMJ Treatment Might Be Appropriate

Temporomandibular joint (or TMJ) disorder is a complex condition. It can affect a large number of people of all ages, but its specific manifestation and the symptoms that it produces can differ for everyone who experiences it. Sometimes, these symptoms can be minor enough to find temporary relief with one or more at-home remedies, such as for jaw pain or a bad headache. However, when TMJ disorder grows more severe, so do the symptoms it causes, and seeking appropriate TMJ disorder treatment might be the best thing to do for your oral health. (more…)

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