How Dental Implants Can Benefit You

Dental implant model of molar tooth as a concept of implantation teeth and dental surgery. 3d rendering illustration isolated on white background.

Tooth loss is a topic many individuals would prefer not to talk about or consider, but the fact of the matter is that it does still occur. In fact, there are a myriad of factors contributing to structural loss, from the foods you eat to the number of dental appointments that are skipped or not attended and everything in-between. Whether decay has advanced to the point of no return or an oral structure was knocked-out, it is crucial to recognize the importance of making sure the missing structure is replaced. At Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, our team understands the importance of ensuring your smile is complete and discusses how dental implants can benefit you.


When Your Jaw Joints Don’t Work Properly Anymore

Many of the most common oral health concerns involve the health and integrity of your teeth and/or oral tissues (such as your gums). For example, the two most frequent oral health problems are tooth decay and gum disease, which involve oral bacteria eroding your tooth structure or gum tissues, respectively. However, when you experience pain or discomfort in your jaw, it can be more difficult to understand the problem on your own. For many people, discomfort in the jaw is an indication of TMJ disorder, which means one or both of their jaw’s joints have become unable to function properly. (more…)

What Happens to Your Teeth when You Grind Them Too Much?

Your healthy, natural teeth are the strongest parts of your body, but that strength can sometimes be compromised by a variety of factors. For some patients, one of these factors includes the constant grinding of their teeth, which indicates a condition known as bruxism. When you have bruxism, the grinding of your teeth is more than just an occasional occurrence, and the frequency of it can lead to a wide range of serious concerns for your teeth and oral health. (more…)

How Some Children Can Benefit from Fluoride Treatment

It’s no secret that everyone, including children, can benefit greatly from consistent preventive dental care on top of their consistent daily dental hygiene routines. However, regular dental checkups and cleanings aren’t always all that your child might need to keep their teeth strong and healthy. In some cases, children can also benefit from additional preventive measures, such as the application of fluoride treatment to the surfaces of their teeth. Fluoride is able to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel, which is their teeth’s main line of defense against harmful oral bacteria, and it may be an important step in lowering your child’s risk of developing cavities. (more…)

What Can Go Wrong If You Miss Your Routine Examination

Tooth and dentist mirrorStaying up-to-date with your routine check-ups and examinations is an important half of the standard oral health regimen, followed by daily brushing and flossing. While you may believe that you are on top of your smile’s health, skipping your examination and cleaning puts it at a disadvantage for multiple reasons and can result in threats from oral bacteria, disease, and even tooth loss. At Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we emphasize the importance of having a professional tend to your smile to keep it healthy and welcome you to our office for a regular cleaning and check-up.


Good Reasons to Choose Custom Porcelain Veneers

There are many different reasons why you might need to improve the appearance of your smile or restore one or more of your natural teeth. Choosing the right treatment depends largely on what your specific concerns are, which is why the most effective dental treatments are those that are custom-designed specifically to meet your smile’s needs. Today, we examine a few good reasons why patients often choose porcelain veneers to address their smile needs, and how the custom-designed shells of porcelain can offer substantial results while keeping your treatment process minimally invasive. (more…)

Things that Bonding Might Fix for Your Tooth

For many cosmetic dental concerns, the most appropriate treatment is the one that offers maximum results with minimal changes to your healthy, natural tooth structure. With cosmetic tooth bonding, many patients can achieve this with optimal results. Designed to address a multitude of different tooth concerns, bonding consists of applying tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of a tooth, then sculpting and hardening it to match the tooth’s healthy size, shape, contour, and appearance. In addition to improving the tooth’s appearance, this can also be a highly effective and conservative way to restore a tooth when its structure is damaged. (more…)

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