Which Tooth Fillings Work Best?

Tooth fillings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, making them effective for addressing most mild to moderate stages of tooth decay for most patients. As the condition that leads to cavities (holes) in your teeth, decay can leave your tooth weaker and more susceptible to damage, which is why properly filling it requires the right material and preparatory work. For optimal results, your dentist will carefully diagnose the extent of your cavity and consult with you to determine which type of filling will work best. (more…)

How Time Determines Your Restorative Treatment

Like your teeth, your dental health concerns are unique. Sure, a lot of people get cavities, but the exact location on the exact tooth where it develops differs between patients. So do the size of the cavity and how long it’s been progressing. Because every case is different, every restorative dental treatment should be customized according to your specific concerns. While the nature of your tooth’s damage (i.e., trauma or decay) is a large factor in choosing the right restoration, the extent of it depends on how long it’s been left untreated. (more…)

Questions for Your Dentist About Chronic Jaw Pain

While jaw pain is common, not many patients understand why it occurs, or the fact that it may only get worse if they don’t seek treatment soon. That’s because the most common cause of jaw pain – a condition known as TMJ disorder – can often be difficult to detect due to its wide variety of other symptoms. If you experience chronic jaw pain, headaches, sore facial muscles, or other discomforts related to your bite function, then you should ask your dentist if you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. (more…)

Is There a Reason Why You Grind Your Teeth So Much?

Some habits, like tapping your foot or drumming on your desk with a pen, can be annoying, but they’re just habits. Others, like grinding your teeth or chewing on that pen instead of drumming with it, can actually be hazardous, especially to your oral health. For example, grinding your teeth too much is often more than it seems, and can indicate a potentially serious issue with your bite function. Or, it could mean that you’re under an undue amount of stress, which is manifesting itself in a way that could end up damaging your teeth. (more…)

Do Children Really Get Cavities More Often?

On average, children can often be more likely to develop cavities, but it isn’t because they’re naturally more susceptible. On the contrary, cavities can affect anyone, at any age, due to a wide variety of factors. However, the key to preventing cavities is consistent, careful dental hygiene and preventive dental care, which children may be less able to properly adhere to. Today, we explore the nature of cavities and why children may be more at risk than adults, as well as how to mitigate that risk to protect your child’s smile. (more…)

Why Do Dental Checkups & Cleanings Matter?

By the time they reach adulthood, most people recognize that dental checkup and cleaning appointments are essential to keeping their smiles healthy. Nevertheless, many people fail to maintain a consistent schedule of appointments, and as a result, they expose their smiles to several different types of problems. Today, we examine why dental checkups and cleanings matter so much, and why skipping even a single appointment can have significant consequences for your long-term oral health. (more…)

How Your Dentist Can Improve Your Gummy Smile

There are many things that can impact your smile’s appearance, and in many cases, teeth aren’t the biggest influence. If you exhibit a gummy smile, meaning your gums cover a disproportionate amount of tooth structure, then your whole smile can seem crooked even when your teeth aren’t. Fortunately, your dentist can improve your smile’s appearance by correcting the symmetry of your gum line by performing custom, cosmetic gum contouring. With a straighter and more even gum line, the rest of your smile can shine as confidently as it was meant to. (more…)

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