Category: Tooth Extraction

Things You Can Do to Avoid Tooth Extraction

Besides routine dental checkups and cleanings, which are necessary for keeping your smile clean and healthy, most dental treatments are designed to address a specific concern. For treatments that are made for specific tooth problems, such as structural damage or progressive decay, the best way to avoid them is to prevent the specific concern from… Read more »

When Extracting a Tooth Is Really Necessary

The fact that tooth loss is a negative influence on your smile and oral health is no secret. That’s why much of your dental care is meant to help you avoid losing one or more teeth by restoring them when they’re compromised, or by addressing other concerns that could lead to their loss. However, there… Read more »

Is Tooth Extraction All Your Smile Needs?

In some cases, the severity of your oral health concerns can be more complex than you realize. For example, you might expect that a decaying or damaged tooth can be saved even if you wait a while to address it. However, the state of the tooth and your surrounding oral tissues could be more compromised… Read more »

Things Tooth Extraction Can Fix

The best thing you can do for your smile is to take every measure necessary to preserve your healthy, natural smile. For instance, by simply sticking to a good hygiene routine every day and visiting your dentist as often as recommended, you can prevent most of the issues that threaten your teeth. However, in some… Read more »

Answering Questions About Tooth Extraction

The goal of most restorative dental treatments is to help you preserve your healthy, natural teeth. When a damaged or infected tooth is treated in time, you have a better chance at keeping it. However, there are times when even the most advanced restorative treatment may not be enough to successfully repair or save a… Read more »

3 Times When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Option

Since the point of maintaining good hygiene and regular dental care is to preserve your natural smile, it may seem counterproductive for your dentist to recommend tooth extraction. However, in some cases, a tooth cannot be successfully saved, and trying to do so may cause more problems overall for your oral health. Today, we look… Read more »

How Can Tooth Extraction Help Your Smile?

By practicing good hygiene every day and visiting your dentist regularly, you can preserve your natural, beautiful smile for life. Sometimes, however, prevention isn’t enough, and you may require cosmetic or restorative care to improve your smile’s appearance or address a progressive dental health issue. In serious cases, tooth extraction might be necessary to help… Read more »

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