Category: Restorative Dentistry

What’s a Partial Dental Crown and How Can It Help?

If you’re unfamiliar with dental crowns, you’ve either led a life full of healthy teeth, or you aren’t getting the help you need! That’s because dental crowns are protective restorations that your dentist can use to protect vulnerable teeth. Standard dental crowns are made using measurements of your tooth. The crown fits over your tooth… Read more »

Therapy for Damaged Root Canals

Even if you’ve never had the procedure done before, you’ve probably heard of a “root canal” before. While this is the shorthand term for this treatment, a root canal is not an action, but rather the part of your tooth that needs the treatment. Root Canal Therapy treats tooth root canals that have been seriously… Read more »

Why Function and Esthetic Matter for a Dental Crown

Often function and esthetic are presented as competing forces. If you choose function, you’re compromising on some piece of appearance. If you go all style, you end up with no substance. However, that’s not always the case. At times, function and esthetic go hand-in-hand. The quality of the appearance can actually benefit the function and… Read more »

Time to Overcome Your Cavity

Your teeth are durable. Since you only have one set of adult teeth, they have to be! Despite all the wear and tear that your teeth are built to withstand, there are some conditions that will still break your teeth down in a hurry. One of those conditions is a cavity. Cavities form when a… Read more »

Extreme Tooth Infection Requires Serious Care

Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth, and they can aid in digestion and the breakdown of food. However, they can also form harmful biofilms on the surfaces of your teeth — aka, plaque. When you fail to thoroughly clean your teeth, the bacteria will produce acid that wears away at your enamel and causes… Read more »

The Many Applications Of A Dental Crown

If you’ve never dealt with severe tooth damage or decay, you might not be familiar with a dental crown. This versatile tool can be used to strengthen, protect, and recreate a damaged tooth. Dental crowns’ many applications make them valuable restorative options for dentists. If you ever find yourself suffering a significant chip or crack,… Read more »

We Answer Your Tooth Filling Questions

Most people try to keep their distance from dental procedures. You don’t want to deal with them, so you don’t want to know about them. However, it’s important to understand what your dentist recommends and why. If you develop a cavity — which almost everyone does and will at some point in their life —… Read more »

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