Category: Restorative Dentistry

Instances In Which A Dental Crown May Be Needed

Like many adults, a lifelong smile may be one of your many goals you hope to accomplish, but keep in mind that the first step is to understand that preventive dentistry is the name of the game. Indeed, a large portion of this goal resides on your ability to attend routine checkups, pay mind to… Read more »

Why You Should Not Ignore That Cavity

Dental decay is one of the more common concerns out there, affecting a number of individuals yearly. In its earliest stages, the damage caused by these oral bacteria can easily be managed. If you do not act with efficiency, however, the decay can spread and cause a number of concerns, from cavities, to internal infection,… Read more »

Treating Your Cavities Without Metal

When one of more teeth develop a cavity, this doesn’t just mean an occasional toothache. Without treatment, your smile could form severe infections or even suffer from tooth loss. To prevent these complications, you may need a filling. Fortunately, your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist will explain how we treat cavities with a metal-free restoration.

Why Choose a Dental Crown for Your Tooth?

You often have several different options for addressing specific types of concerns with your teeth and oral health. For many people, however, a dental crown offers an ideal solution for restoring teeth that have been significantly damaged, or that experience severe blemishing on their surfaces. In some cases, dental crowns can even be part of… Read more »

What Therapy for Your Root Canal Means

The condition that root canal therapy is meant to treat, known as tooth decay, is the most common chronic dental concern for patients of all ages. However, root canal therapy isn’t that frequently recommended, and for good reason. Tooth decay is progressive, and in most cases, it’s treated before it has a chance to infect… Read more »

A Look at How Dental Crowns Save Teeth

It’s one thing to know that a dental crown can restore a tooth, but it’s another thing to actually need a dental crown to save your tooth. As one of the more popular restorative dental treatments, dental crowns are often recommended when a tooth is severely compromised and at a heightened risk of being lost… Read more »

Root Canals and Your Oral Health

Most people recognize the term, root canal, and the fact that roots are important parts of their healthy tooth structure. However, root canals are most often recognized because of the potential problems that can be caused when they’re impacted by severe tooth decay. An internal infection, or decay, in your tooth’s structure can progress severely… Read more »

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