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Prosthetic Replacement Teeth May Be an Option

The gaps left behind by tooth loss can create a smile that causes you to feel self conscious. They can also create some long-term health concerns for your remaining teeth and gums. If you have suffered tooth loss on an individual basis, or you’re now missing many of the teeth in your mouth, you should… Read more »

Deciding Between a Bridge and Dentures

Replacing your missing teeth is about comfort and functionality. Of course you want your replacement teeth to look like the real thing, but if they don’t work, then you’ll still be dealing with the complications of tooth loss. There are effective dental prosthetics that can address a variety of tooth loss situations. Choosing the right… Read more »

Find Your Replacement Teeth Now

Tooth loss isn’t something you plan for as an adult. Losing a natural tooth is never an ideal outcome. The experience can be painful and humiliating. Even if you take proper care of your teeth, you can still fall victim to an accident that knocks out or breaks one or more of your teeth. Then… Read more »

Choose Dental Prosthetics When Preservation Isn’t Possible

Tooth loss affects many adults at some point throughout their lives. It can be the result of neglect, or even of physical accidents. When you lose a tooth, it can be a traumatic, life-altering experience that disrupts your lifestyle habits. When you lose a tooth, there are some cases when you can save the original… Read more »

The Capabilities and Limitations of Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry is an incredible field that seeks to restore the appearance and function of teeth to individuals who have suffered tooth loss. While many people have their wisdom teeth removed, and everyone loses a set of teeth as children, there are lots of situations where tooth loss is a real problem. As an adult,… Read more »

Will Dentures Give You the Relief You Need?

Since you only receive one set of adult teeth for the duration of your life, it’s important to protect those teeth. However, time and lifestyle habits can wear those teeth down. Many adults and elderly individuals experience tooth loss later in life. If you have extensive tooth loss, this can drastically affect your quality of… Read more »

The Best Way to Treat Individual Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a frustrating experience that can have health and lifestyle ramifications for you. When you lose a tooth, you have to change what you eat. You may avoid smiling because you don’t want to show off your missing tooth. The missing tooth can also cause problems for your remaining teeth as they shift… Read more »

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