Category: Preventive Dentistry

How to Keep a Tooth from Decaying

The difference between tooth decay and a cavity is that one is a condition and the other is a symptom. A cavity is the depression left in your tooth once the structure starts to decay, which is a process caused by certain types of oral bacteria overwhelming your teeth. Fortunately, both tooth decay and the… Read more »

Why Hygiene Is the Most Important Part of Preventive Care

Sometimes, the repetitive actions of brushing and flossing your teeth can seem like a minor thing when it comes to the big picture of your oral health. However, your hygiene routine can be just as important to your overall oral health as your routine schedule of preventive dental visits. Today, we take a look at… Read more »

Maintain the Integrity of Your Teeth With Preventive Care

You may not think about your teeth in the same terms that you think about other aspects of your overall health. However, teeth are a vital part of your wellbeing. You need to keep your teeth healthy for the duration of your life — you only get one set! One of the best ways to… Read more »

Save Money With Preventive Dental Care

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to save yourself time and money when it comes to almost anything. Your car, house, even your oral health, can all be better preserved with preventive care. The cost of preventive care is almost always a tiny fraction of what a big overhaul can cost, and… Read more »

Preventive Dental Care Is Worth Your Time

Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? That old saying absolutely rings true when it comes to dentistry. All the preventive care steps that you take today — regular checkups and home care — will save you time, money, and hassle in the future. Preventive dental care is absolutely worth your time. If… Read more »

Why Do Dental Checkups & Cleanings Matter?

By the time they reach adulthood, most people recognize that dental checkup and cleaning appointments are essential to keeping their smiles healthy. Nevertheless, many people fail to maintain a consistent schedule of appointments, and as a result, they expose their smiles to several different types of problems. Today, we examine why dental checkups and cleanings… Read more »

Can Chewing Gum Protect Your Teeth Against Cavities?

If you want to protect your smile, then daily dental hygiene is incredibly important. This should include both brushing and flossing, of course. That said, what you eat can impact your oral health, as well. Too much sugar, for instance, can greatly increase your risk of developing cavities. But did you know that for many… Read more »

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