Category: Children’s Dentistry

Is It Time For Your Little One’s Smile Boost?

Concerns that develop over time and warrant restorative measures often can be prevented if you seek treatment in a timely fashion. Indeed, excellent preventive care is a lifelong task, and one that it is never too early to begin. In fact, we encourage you to bring your little one in as soon as he or… Read more »

How Some Children Can Benefit from Fluoride Treatment

It’s no secret that everyone, including children, can benefit greatly from consistent preventive dental care on top of their consistent daily dental hygiene routines. However, regular dental checkups and cleanings aren’t always all that your child might need to keep their teeth strong and healthy. In some cases, children can also benefit from additional preventive… Read more »

Making Your Child’s Teeth Less Susceptible to Cavities

Protecting your child’s smile can mean many things. For example, teaching them to stick to good dental hygiene principles will help protect them from heightened risks of common dental concerns. Visiting the dentist regularly is important to protecting their teeth and smiles from things that might not be obvious at first. If your child’s teeth… Read more »

Protection for Your Child’s Vulnerable Teeth

Learning how to care for your personal hygiene takes time. What age were you when you remembered to thoroughly clean and care for yourself? You may even still forget, because life gets busy. Your children are learning personal hygiene practices all the time. Daily routines, like teeth brushing, take time to learn, especially as your… Read more »

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles Starts with Childhood

Everyone’s goal is to keep their teeth healthy and looking great for life. You only have one set of adult teeth, so it’s important to preserve them by brushing and flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months. A lifetime of healthy smiles starts with childhood. Although your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out,… Read more »

Is Your Child Struggling with Cavities?

Your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, but it’s still important to preserve the health of these teeth. The oral care habits your child builds now can affect them later in life. Plus, your child’s teeth may be revealing things about their genetic makeup. If your child may… Read more »

Get Your Kids in the Habit of Visiting the Dentist

The habits that your children establish early on can often stick with them for life. That can seem a little scary, but it also creates an opportunity for you as a parent. By helping your children make positive choices now, you not only give them a bright present, but a bright future as well. One… Read more »

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