Category: Children’s Dentistry

Addressing Common Problem Areas for Children’s Teeth

The health of your child is of utmost importance to you, and that includes the health of their teeth. As soon as your child starts to develop their first teeth, they need to begin caring for those teeth by brushing and flossing. The oral health habits that your child develops now can impact them for… Read more »

Children’s Teeth Can Be More Susceptible to Cavities

Part of caring for your child is providing excellent healthcare for them, and that includes dental care. You want to ensure that your child grows up with a full set of healthy teeth. While your little one will eventually lose their baby teeth, the habits — like brushing and flossing — that they form at… Read more »

Is it Important to Fix Baby Teeth Cavities?

Everyone remembers the first time they discover a loose tooth as a child. For some, it’s an exciting experience, and for others, it’s definitely strange. Losing that first set of teeth is part of growing up, but does it mean that these baby teeth are less important than your adult teeth? If your child’s baby… Read more »

What Are Dental Sealants and What Do They Do?

Protecting your child’s teeth is a priority, and sometimes, you could use a little help. It takes time for your children to learn how to adequately brush their teeth. It can be difficult for your little one to reach all of the surfaces of their teeth, especially as new teeth continue to pop up. Your… Read more »

Finding General and Preventive Dental Care for Your Child

From the time your child is born they receive medical attention, so it’s easy to develop a schedule for regularly visiting the doctor. Establishing when your child should visit the dentist on the other hand, may not be as clear. Your child should have their first dental appointment shortly after their first tooth erupts, or… Read more »

Dental Sealants Block Out Children’s Cavities

The most common oral health problem for children is cavities. This probably comes as no surprise. Cavities arise when bacteria are allowed to build up on the surfaces of teeth. It takes time for children to learn how to properly brush their teeth, and it can be difficult to reach certain surfaces within the mouth…. Read more »

Find Children’s Dental Care that You Trust

Your children’s oral health is a vital part of their overall wellbeing. While you may be thorough about following up with doctor’s appointments and the general physical health of your child, it can be easier to forget or back burner something like a dentist’s appointment. However, you can’t neglect the dental health of your children…. Read more »

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