Category: Bruxism/TMJ

Things that Untreated Bruxism Can Lead To

When you ignore most dental health issues, they tend to get worse the longer they remain unchecked. For instance, a minor cavity can grow into a much more severe case of internal tooth infection if it’s given enough time. The same is true with a subconscious teeth-grinding habit, a condition often referred to as bruxism,… Read more »

When TMJ Treatment Might Be Appropriate

Temporomandibular joint (or TMJ) disorder is a complex condition. It can affect a large number of people of all ages, but its specific manifestation and the symptoms that it produces can differ for everyone who experiences it. Sometimes, these symptoms can be minor enough to find temporary relief with one or more at-home remedies, such… Read more »

If You Grind Your Teeth, You Should Know This

If your teeth don’t hurt when you grind them together, then it probably doesn’t seem like a problem worth solving. However, consistently grinding your teeth together puts them through more than they were meant to withstand. Even if you don’t feel it right away, doing it often enough can lead to extensive wear and/or damage… Read more »

Teeth Grinding Does Damage

Have you ever caught yourself grinding your teeth together? It’s actually a pretty common occurrence for most people. If you get upset or anxious, you may start to grind your teeth as a reaction. These small doses of teeth grinding aren’t necessarily a huge problem, but if you’re someone who always grinds their teeth, this… Read more »

Why You Can’t Diagnose Your Tooth Pain

Some oral health conditions become obvious. When you have a noticeable cavity on the surface of your tooth, you may see a dark spot. When gums become red and swollen, it may be a sign of gum disease. However, not every oral health condition is something you can diagnose on your own. That’s because some… Read more »

Spotting the Signs of Bruxism

Are you a teeth grinder? Teeth grinder is something many people do when they get stressed or anxious. It’s a natural reaction that, when done occasionally, doesn’t produce any serious side effects. However, there’s another form of teeth grinding — subconscious teeth grinding that happens while you’re asleep — that can have serious consequences. This… Read more »

Diagnose Your Unexplained Jaw Pain

There are plenty of parts of your body that you don’t really think about until you experience a problem. Your jaw is definitely one of those parts. Jaw pain can make it difficult to smile, talk, and eat. Those are some of life’s best activities! There can be many different causes for jaw pain. If… Read more »

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