Category: Bruxism/TMJ

When Bruxism Results In Jaw Dysfunction

Your oral health takes into consideration more factors than just the strength of your teeth. As a matter of fact, the quality of your oral structures, tongue, gums, jaw, cheeks, lips, and throat all contribute the quality of your overall oral health, which means ensuring each of these aspects is functioning properly is critical. In… Read more »

When Chronic Teeth-Grinding Results In Jaw Dysfunction

For many people, the biggest concerns to their beautiful, healthy smiles come from harmful oral bacteria eating away at their natural structures. Indeed, decay is at the core of a number of dental issues and threats to your oral health, including cavities, infected root canals, deterioration, and ultimately tooth loss. For other individuals, however, this… Read more »

When Your Jaw Joints Don’t Work Properly Anymore

Many of the most common oral health concerns involve the health and integrity of your teeth and/or oral tissues (such as your gums). For example, the two most frequent oral health problems are tooth decay and gum disease, which involve oral bacteria eroding your tooth structure or gum tissues, respectively. However, when you experience pain… Read more »

What Happens to Your Teeth when You Grind Them Too Much?

Your healthy, natural teeth are the strongest parts of your body, but that strength can sometimes be compromised by a variety of factors. For some patients, one of these factors includes the constant grinding of their teeth, which indicates a condition known as bruxism. When you have bruxism, the grinding of your teeth is more… Read more »

Do These Symptoms Mean You Have TMJ Disorder?

The name, TMJ disorder, hints at the fact that the disorder mainly affects your jaw health and bite function. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and when the disorder that’s named after it affects the two joints that control your jaw’s movement when your bite functions. However, that can sometimes be the only hint at what,… Read more »

What a Bruxism Habit Can Really Do to Your Teeth

If you develop any concern with your oral health, the most important piece of advice you can receive about dealing with it is to do so as soon as possible. Most concerns are progressive in nature, and the longer it takes to address the problem, the more significantly it can impact the state of your… Read more »

Are Your TMJs Not Working Properly?

When something directly affects the health and integrity of your teeth, like damage or tooth decay, the signs and consequences can be obvious. The formation of a cavity and the increasingly worse toothache are common for most people who experience them. However, some conditions with your oral health aren’t always as direct or as common… Read more »

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