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Why You Can’t Diagnose Your Tooth Pain

Some oral health conditions become obvious. When you have a noticeable cavity on the surface of your tooth, you may see a dark spot. When gums become red and swollen, it may be a sign of gum disease. However, not every oral health condition is something you can diagnose on your own. That’s because some… Read more »

Spotting the Signs of Bruxism

Are you a teeth grinder? Teeth grinder is something many people do when they get stressed or anxious. It’s a natural reaction that, when done occasionally, doesn’t produce any serious side effects. However, there’s another form of teeth grinding — subconscious teeth grinding that happens while you’re asleep — that can have serious consequences. This… Read more »

Diagnose Your Unexplained Jaw Pain

There are plenty of parts of your body that you don’t really think about until you experience a problem. Your jaw is definitely one of those parts. Jaw pain can make it difficult to smile, talk, and eat. Those are some of life’s best activities! There can be many different causes for jaw pain. If… Read more »

Do I Have TMJ Disorder?

There are many different things that could impact your oral health, and not all of them involve tooth infection or gum disease. For example, your jaw joints, also known as temporomandibular joints (TMJs), play a big role in your bite’s function, and several types of issues may affect that role. Often known as TMJ disorder,… Read more »

How to Stop Bruxism and Recover from It

Bruxism is the technical term given to the condition more commonly known as teeth grinding. Bruxism refers to a subconscious grinding that often occurs during sleep. The causes of bruxism can be numerous and varied. No matter the source of the issue, the consequences can be significant for your teeth. Bruxism leads to premature wear… Read more »

What Does Bruxism Mean for Your Health?

You may not be familiar with the term “bruxism,” but you’ve definitely heard of this condition. Bruxism is an unconscious grinding of the teeth. This condition affects patients while they sleep, and can cause premature wear of the teeth. However, that’s not the only negative that comes with teeth grinding. You may experience a number… Read more »

Exploring Solutions for Bruxism and TMJ

When you think of the services that your dentist provides, you probably imagine checkups and cleanings. Maybe you need the occasional cavity filling or restorative treatment. However, your dentist can help with more than just damaged teeth. Your dentist is an oral health specialist, so when you experience an issue like jaw pain, you should… Read more »

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